Georgie Porgy Shoes Georgie Porgy is a delightful and charming shoe brand presented by ET2C. Currently available on Amazon and other platforms, the shoe promises to shake up boring styles with bright colors and trendy designs. This shoe line is sold, promoted and designed all exclusively by the ET2C team.

Are you a retail store or merchandiser that would like to source a new and unique brand in your stores? Please contact one of our representatives and our design department will be happy to help.
Melinka Wines As part of sales import service, ET2C is proud to present Melinka Wines. The brand offers much sought-after fine wines, which are bottled and produced in the fertile valleys of Chile. We currently sell a range of red & whites that have proven quite popular on the Chinese market.

Do you want to export your wine, alcohol or food into China? Please contact one of our representatives and we will work out a tailored sales service plan for your product.
Teddy GSP Teddy GSP is an upcoming vendor platform that allows sourcing and procurement customers to view our vast range of products and suppliers. With the help and cooperation of local manufacturers, we plan to catalogue every single product that we are able to source in this new database.

Backed by a thorough quality assurance policy, you can rest assured that any products sourced through Teddy GSP will be of highest quality. The website will expedite the request for quotation process while offering your purchasing staff a wide range of profitable items.

The website is under construction and will launch in Q4 2015. Please check back soon for more details.

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