THE ET2C AUDIT With over a decade of experience in quality assurance and quality control, ET2C guarantees that all of your sourcing orders will arrive in faultless condition on your store shelves. As part of our corporate value structure, this process is a key component of our services to our clients. All suppliers that work with ET2C must meet our extremely high standards in order for us to purchase from their factories. Our exclusive supplier list have been audited and checked several times in the past year by both our own internal audit and through external sources as well. PROCESS Our quality assurance and quality control practices involve a rigorous and intense process that utilizes several quality inspection experts employed by ET2C. We inspect each and every order before it is shipped overseas and we are happily obliged to share these detailed inspection reports with our clients. We develop detailed specification sheets that observe and mark down CTQ (critical to quality) points for your product. We follow the manufacturing process of your product from the very beginning in order to analyze and approve every step of its production. To ensure your product quality standards are met, ET2C performs a five step process which includes;
Raw Material Receipt
Early Production Checking
Inline Inspections
Final inspections
Quality control review, authorization and release

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